Tracking multiple points using After Effects

Here, you can find information on how to track the motion of multiple points in a video.

What you need

  • A Video captured by the high-speed camera
    • You need to know the original captured frame rate of the video as well as the frame rate used to create the exported mp4 or avi file
    • Here is sample video, captured at 240 fps, exported at 30 fps.
  • After effect software (
    • The software should be available on the most of university owned computers. Open Adobe Creative Cloud on the computer and look for After Effects. If After Effects is not installed, you can install inside the Adobe Creative Cloud. Contact Andrew Smart if you have technical issues opening After Effects.
  • MATLAB codes

Watch this video first

Watch this video to learn how to use After effects to track multiple points. Note that After Effects is a video editing software and include many features that we are not going to use.


Additional instructional videos:

You can watch these videos to learn more about After Effects and its tracking features.